• What is Remotcare and how does it work?
    A collaborative health technology platform is called Remotcare. where individuals may receive various forms of remote healthcare support while also monitoring the health of their relatives and friends. Even if he is not physically present, the person who would look after his or her loved ones can care for that family member virtually.

  • How secure is the personal health data recorded and stored on Remotcare?
    The most advanced security standard currently being developed will be used by us. 

  • Can multiple family members or caregivers’ access and monitor the same individual’s health data?
    Yes, providing the owner of the data grants access, it can be utilised.

  • Is Remotcare compatible with different types of health monitoring devices and wearables?
    The Platform will indeed support a variety of health monitoring devices.

  • Can I access historical health data and generate reports for medical consultations?
    Yes, if you have regularly updated data, the platform will give all of your past health data.

  • Can I invite other family members or caregivers to join the Remotcare platform?
    Yes, you are welcome to invite all of your loved ones, friends, and carers.